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Unicorn Trout Rocket Soccer
Posted May 15, 2019
Young Trouts
Posted May 18, 2019
"Catch Them Being Good" - Tony DiCicco
CATCH THEM BEING GOOD – An amazing thing happens when a coach, mentor or teacher recognizes you for doing something well. You’re more likely to find repeat success and your confidence will grow.

MRVFC blends developmental high energy skills training, imagination and fun together during our U9 practices in order to keep our youngest players engaged and moving. We do not believe in the "old school" three "L"s (Lines, Lectures, Laps) style for training our players.

Mad River Valley FC is the home of Unicorn Trout Rocket Soccer 1000 Touches program whereby the players learn the Essential 30 Moves of Coerver Ball Mastery. Our club's official mascot is the Rainbow Trout in recognition of our own Mad River's iconic game fish.