Mad River Valley FC

Stress Free Tryouts
Thank you for considering to let your child tryout for Mad River Valley FC. The whole idea of tryouts can be stressful for everyone, especially the little ones (but also for some parents). Here are some thoughts to help ease your child’s and your family’s minds. It’s important that we not build it up such that it seems like a wall. We understand that our players are young so we try to keep it all in perspective and have a fun tryout while also evaluating each player. Many children will come to our club without any prior soccer experience and that is great. We will be evaluating the players on enthusiasm, desire and coachability in addition to soccer skills. Coachability is basically the ability to try to follow a coach’s directions. If you and your young player are interested in getting better but a little nervous about the whole big tryout thing just tell her to come out, be herself and have fun with friends. She doesn’t have to be a soccer super star or equipped with elite skills. We’ll help with that.