Mad River Valley FC

Level 1 Skills
Name of Exercise
#1 Toe Touches
#2 Shuffles
#4 Take Stop
#5 Shuffle Stop Take
#7 Shuffle Take Stop
#16 Take Stop Scissors
#17 Take Scissors
#18 Take Stop Step Overs
#19 Take Stepover
Side Step Take (feint)
Brazilian Toe Touches (advanced)
Skills Level 1: Foundational Ball Work
The Foundational Ball Work exercises are the base upon which the rest of the Skills Development Program rests. It is important to practice these until they feel natural and easy to do. We recommend trying to get a minimum of 1,000 repetitions per week outside of practice (that's 1,000 repetitions total, not per exercise). These exercises should be done on non-practice days to accelerate the learning process.

Some exercises will be easier and some will be more difficult. For the easier exercises, try to make things perfect and then try to increase your speed. For the more difficult exercises, take your time and make sure you can do the exercises well before trying to go faster. If you try to increase your speed too soon, you will develop bad habits. Bad habits will make it difficult to learn some of the later skills that are based on these foundational skills.
#1 Toe Touches (Sole Taps)
#2 Shuffles
#4 Take Stops
#5 Shuffle Stop Take
#7 Shuffle Take Slides
#16 Take Stop Scissors
#17 Take Scissors
#18 Take Stop Stepovers
#19 Take Stepovers
Side Steps (Feints)
Brazilian Toe Touches