Mad River Valley FC

The Moves
Change of Direction Moves Set A
Inside Cut
Outside Cut
Slap Cut
Double Cut
Twist Off

Stop and Start Moves
Step On
Double Step On

1v1 Moves Set D (Scissors, Double Scissors, Stepover))

Side Step
Double Side Step
Drag Push
Reverse Drag Push
1v1 Moves Level 1
The 1v1 Moves Level 1, are designed to teach skills for the confidence to take on and beat opposing players.

As stated previously, some exercises will be easier and some will be more difficult. For the easier exercises, try to make things perfect and then try to increase your speed. For the more difficult exercises, take your time and make sure you can do the exercises well before trying to go faster. If you try to increase your speed too soon, you will develop bad habits. Bad habits will make it difficult to learn some of the moves that are based on these rolling skills.
Change of Direction Moves Set A
Stop and Start Moves - Step On
1 v1 Moves Set D - Scissors
Side Step (Yes...again.)
The Drag Push
Reverse Drag Push (Like Messi)
The Shimmy!