Mad River Valley FC

Posted May 15, 2019
Mad River Valley FC (MRVFC) is a girls soccer club based in Champaign county that offers high quality, developmental training in soccer fundamentals.  We focus on teaching each individual player to improve their skill sets so they can contribute further to their teams. We believe that individual skills and fundamentals, sportsmanship and community friendships are the most import elements of a player’s future potential. Although our coaches and players are very competitive, winning games is not the ultimate goal of our program. It usually takes two to three years of development plus experience before the fruits of training make breakthroughs in team records.  Beyond the player development component, we want to strengthen our communities and community relationships by bringing families together around the fun and rewarding sport of soccer as players develop skills for future success in the sport.

About Our Logo: Our logo is coat-of-arms style based on the geography and wildlife of the Mad River Valley in Ohio. The shield background represents the Mad River as it flows from North to South from its head waters in Logan County down to Dayton where it meets the Great Miami River. Our mascot is the Rainbow trout. Many anglers consider the rainbow trout the hardest-fighting trout species, as this fish is known for leaping when hooked and putting up a powerful struggle. It is considered one of the top five sport fish in North America. Rainbow trout are predators with a varied diet and will eat nearly anything they can capture. Dedication, Community and Teamwork are the bedrock of our club's foundation.